The Dawn of a New Document Generation.

Welcome to the MinuteBox App Store. We've designed this store to bring your MinuteBox account to life with powerful workflow automations, automated legal and compliance documents, quick actions, and beautiful digital stationery.

All designed to work seamlessly on MinuteBox.

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automate your workflows with actions and automations.

Actions as Building Blocks

Use these simple actions to issue complex share capital in seconds, make updates to an entity, and even track employees. Mix and match Actions to create powerful apps. All this and more is achievable with one in-app click.

Automations do the Work

Automate otherwise complex and tedious steps into easy to use Transaction Wizards. Change the name of an entity, resign directors in bulk, and even bulk share transactions with fully customizable, no-code automation templates.

The Action Collection

An action is like a building block when building your MinuteBox Precedent library. They can either be used on their own and/or part of another precedent.

Actions may be purchased individually or as packs. New Actions will be added to App Store on a monthly basis.

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The Automation Collection

An automation uses technology to bulk implement actions into your MinuteBox Precedent library. They make it easier to complete tasks and finalize agreements.

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The Document Collection

Automated legal documents ready to use in our Document Generation engine. No coding required.

Launching April 2022

The Stationery Collection

Collections of “Magic Tabs” to organize LLC, partnership, corporation, and general counsel documents.

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The Integration Collection

Extend MinuteBox with a set of powerful integrations and add-ons.

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everything you need. out of the box.

Available to Accelerator Program Members.

The MinuteBox App Store is available to all current MinuteBox account holders that are part of the MinuteBox Accelerator Program. For more information, contact us.

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